Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Light on glass bottles, baubles, beads and butterflies .... & Insomnia!

The weather being so hot here at present it prevents you from sleeping or wakes you up during the night... Impossible to go back to sleep again, so rather than count sheep I like looking at my magpie finds.

Hmm.... Not so sure it's an effective method, but nevermind!

Here are a few of my favourites - many being old glass bottles filled with dried flowers & sea shells; various insects, skeletal leaves (I particularly like these), faded feathers and old glass Christmas baubles that look like soap bubbles or crazy spiders's webs!

Right, I shall try again... Good night!

This basket of old shells only has very few finds that I actually came across washed up on the beach during beach-combing missions.... If only! Now, that is something to dream about!

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