Monday, September 27, 2010

Seriously sweet Siberian...

Our Siberian kitten has finally arrived! I went to collect him this weekend and he seems to have occupied most his time since then appropriating the house and contents - which amongst other things has entailed rearranging soil from plant plots, ravaging leaves and flowers, racing up and down the leather sofa - leaving fine scratch marks in his wake, depositing fiendish-smelling 'accidents' in obscure places, dislodging any spiders and cobwebs from under furniture, trying to catch the cursor on the computer screen and fishing for my feet under the bedclothes (he caught them!). However, above all else he has been seriously sweet - and now it's the childrens' turn to get to know Noggin the Nog - their new partner in crime!

Noggin (foreground) with a half-sister
Well, as I write Noggin has made his way up my back - baby claws out and is now rummaging around in the fireplace eating something...Just when you're exhausted cats seem to get a burst of inexplicable energy so this promises to be an eventful night!

The mother

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