Sunday, September 23, 2018

Beauty and Beasts in a Car Park...

Still battling away with the basics of driving this car... Actually getting out of the underground car park is a feat in itself, as I keep stalling or crazily revving up the slope for fear of getting stuck beneath the metal door!

A great deal of practice may be involved before even the slightest pretention of perfection...

It was pouring with rain today, but I did force myself to drive off into another car park - this one situated in the depths of  Place d'Erlon - the main square in town.

The first trip here in the summer left a lasting memory as I tried to control the car, winding its way down and down the spiralling lane to reach the fifth and final floor, far below ground level. Not really a moment of glory for me, so I thought I'd better go back and face the beast again. Still work in progress.

Emerging from the pit of this car park, you encounter various Medieval sculpted works displayed on each floor as you head up towards the light of day.

Sadly, most of the facial features have been lost, but you can see the beauty of the forms themselves and the symbolic motives that underline the importance of Reims as the Cité des Sacres - the holy site of coronation.

The habitual fleur-de-lys and keys of the city flourish next to eager beasts in the forms of lions and unicorns. These all really made my day - and I think I only stalled the car twice when leaving this particular car park!

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