Sunday, October 22, 2017

Finished at LAST - the Hexagon Hanging!

Well, there were still finishing touches to be carried out, but after about ten months' work I decided to tack my hexagon hanging up on the wall. And so here it is, spread out like a pinned and stretched butterfly for display. I should have 'blocked' the crochet work, but I couldn't face having a heavy mass of damp wool on my hands and no means to dry it, so I have just left it... Maybe gravity will smoothe it out with time, or maybe not, but I do quite like the irregular texture - like enamel.

Hmm, I do regret not having mastered the art of half-hexagons, and the more I look at the supposedly finished hanging, the more I realise that it will probably be extended and closed with these at a later date... The cats will be pleased - they've enjoyed sprawling over the work-in-progress these past months!

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