Thursday, July 19, 2012

Show Some Emotion...

From the 70's...
Last night I discovered that someone special had died in the morning. It was expected, so wasn't a dreadful surprise, but the jolt of finality was a shock nevertheless. A chapter of life really has ended, but at the same time this passage brought back memories of a very distant time. For me, back came the episodes of childhood spent with relatives, during our much-awaited annual summer holidays with them. We spent days on the beach and in the countryside around our house in the 70's. This gradually petered out as both our families seemed to branch out and off towards others interests and obligations and finally those shared family holidays fizzled out completely. The memories of our gatherings remain, however, and the music that seemed to accompany these too. 

I remember my aunt singing along to this whole Joan Armatrading album (Show Some Emotion)  that my parents had then and to hear it again now sends me back to those days, and right now back to her too. At that time she must have been much younger than my cousins and I are today, which seems strange to think.
 She really was a unique person who lit up life around her.

I 'borrowed' your photo - P - hope you don't mind...xx

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