Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cathedral Christmas...

Reims Cathedral - The Virgin and Child.

The city celebrated the 800 years of its cathedral this year with classical concerts and numerous light-and-sound evening presentations which were beautiful, highlighting the whole of the cathedral in all its glory and drawing our attention to the elements that we tend to overlook. We often forget that the sculptures and stonework of cathedrals were originally far from the monochrome forms we somehow believe them to have been. Indeed, on the contrary, these were painted in vivid colours, mirroring the stained glass windows, and together these served to draw the atttention of the faithful to the might of God. I'm not sure how far back the paintwork on this Virgin and Child sculpture dates, but the effect is beautiful.
Reims Cathedral in natural daylight - Christmas Eve.

Yesterday I went to the Cathedral to see the stained glass windows as the bright winter's sun was shining directly on the façade. The result was breath-taking - as if a flash light had illuminated everything - bringing out all the colours of the rosace in jewel-like detail. In the evening I briefly went to listen to the service, but especially the children singing. Again, the effect was spectacular as the sound lifted to the vaulted ceiling far above. Of course I had to finish off the evening by (re)listening to the choir service from King's College, Cambridge.

Here's Once in Royal David's City, from Christmas 2010. It's just stunning....

Finally, wandering around I noticed that Nature never wants to be outdone - here's a natural cathedral
rosace !
                                               Happy Christmas! 
                      May you find beauty all around you!

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