Saturday, October 17, 2020


As I was driving out this morning, going under the bridges in the dull morning light, I was excited to catch a glimpse of one of the latest pieces of Levalet street art...
This is in the same site as the New Year work - long since lost over the last ten months. I vowed to return later on in the day to investigate at close quarters.
The traffic being rather heavy on this stretch of road, it was impossible to draw back to get a better perspective of the seven posters that make up this series.
A carrier pigeon dutifully follows the girl with a missive, in scroll form, bound to its body.
It seems to have hit the door, and falls dead on its back, the undelivered message still attached to its body.
The girl bends down to gather up the pigeon in order to recover the letter.
Having secured it, she promptly discards the dead pigeon on the hard grey pavement, in a rather unsentimental manner... yet clutches the missive to her heart.

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