Saturday, October 31, 2020

Gold and Brown; Golden Brown...

After the madness and mayhem of Thursday evening, spinning around trying to tie off the last threads of normality before another indefinite period of lockdown life, calm has settled again as resignation sets in. I certainly do not want to go into this new phase with a negative, black mindset but rather hope to look for - and find - the golden aspects of being at home too.
These are some of the beautiful Chrysanthemums traditionally associated with the commemoration at La Toussaint on November 1st here in France... They always seem too elegant to be linked to any form of sadness and loss, but perhaps that is their role in this season, as the year draws to an end; a celebration of life.
Before All Saints' Day, there is of course Hallowe'en, where shrouds, shadows and all things dark emerge. While that may be under curfew or cancellation orders this year, no one can blank out the incredible Blue Moon tonight - the second full moon in this calendar month. Black magic indeed!

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