Thursday, May 21, 2020

Stolen Irises...

I missed, in every sense, the early springtime buds and shoots of March, saw none of the bright expanses of dandelions and poppies in April, but did snatch a few illicit photos of the beautiful irises of May. ..

This was the most magical vision of the two months of lockdown here, from one of the permitted hours of exercise in the eerily empty streets. However, it felt like a criminal act simply to glance at the flowers, let alone to stop to admire them and steal a few shots in the process. My feeling of guilt and unease was reinforced by a rather intimidating, yet necessary, police presence which has been constant throughout this whole ugly period, that has stolen so much from so many...

In this haunting period, hopefully now drawing to an end, here is a beautiful song that I rediscovered; 'Sur un prélude de Bach'.

                                           Maurane - Sur une prélude de Bach - 1993 

                                                                     (site de Abdessatar Klai)

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