Monday, November 20, 2017

Like a Merry-go-round...

Another piece by the street artist - Charles Leval - 'Levalet' - right in the very centre of town, strategically placed next to the carousel. It must have been here for a while as it's peeling off. Nevertheless, it is still striking and quite thought-provoking too.

The apple held out in one hand, draws attention away from the knife in the other. Has the horse come to life, freed of its pole and never-ending circular existence, only be to be killed? After seeing this, I kept vaguely humming some ghost lyrics circulating in my head, driving me to distraction!

Eventually, I tracked those down to Invisible, by Alison Moyet....
               'Like the merry go round, I'm going up, I'm going down'.

Right, off to work - yet another merry-go-round! I will probably be humming away at Invisible as I go.

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