Monday, August 21, 2017

P***ed Off...

Yes, feeling very p***ed, having lost all of my photos from this year, when the hard drive of my computer died on me. The above is the only one I have remaining of a visit to Fontainebleau, the rest have all been flushed away, along with all the other visuals of 2017. Meanwhile, the D.I.Y missions that I undertook weeks ago are still very much 'Work In Progress', even if my patience and enthusiasm dried up some time ago. Hmm... P***ed indeed!

A few days later.... Managed to salvage one photo from goodness knows where in the murky depths of my computer. Here are two partners in crime - ever ready to commit acts of feline felony on the home front, especially where D.I.Y is concerned!


  1. I keep meaning to get an external drive to back things up but never do. How annoying but love those dogs...

  2. Yes, it's very annoying! I usually do it regularly, but got so bogged down in the chaos of decorating that I forgot this time. Still, glad to have recovered this photo of the cats.... By the way, do your cats go mad over polystyrene? x


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