Tuesday, August 29, 2017


One of these days, the garden centre is going to kick me out for taking photos of their wares! I do usually purchase something, however, so I'm not totally shameless.

My eyes are generally riveted to those plants that would probably never survive life on a fifth-floor balcony.

The ones here are beautiful hibiscus, whose colours are often so bright that they seem to burn the camera lens, to the point that it can't reproduce their intensity.

Some of the final, fully-blown flowers are literally the size of large saucers, but initially unfurl from these pod-like buds.

Some of these folded petals looked like umbrella fabric, waiting to be opened out to reveal the full, delicate flowers within.

Not to mention those amazing stamens with rich pollen!

Some time ago, I had the great luck to watch tiny hummingbirds feeding from these, right in front of me, in South America. Magical!

Some petals seem papery and crisp, with intricate veining throughout...

But others appeared softer, with their ruffled layers. Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to seeing the next collection of plants at the centre - rather like an art gallery, in fact!


  1. My neighbour has one of these in a tub that she neglects, but no matter how much she ignores it, it still it blooms each year. I'm tempted to get myself one.

  2. Beautiful, aren't they? Glad to learn (from one of your posts) that your new neighbours are 'neighbourly' in the positive sense!x


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