Thursday, June 23, 2016

Second Spice of Life Blanket.

I have finally finished my second crocheted Spice of Life Blanket, after many months of work, much teeth-gnashing and a great deal of 'frogging' - ie ripping out rows and rows of stitches.

Nevertheless, I am happy with the result, but am unable to get a decent photo of it in its entirety - it's actually quite long - with or without the cats. So here are close-ups of the blanket and beasts...

The sunlight on the blanket was from the very few rays of sunshine we've had this month. I don't think I've ever seen so much damp weather over such an extended period of spring/summer time. This has, predictably, given rise to numerous remarks about how "On se croirait en Angleterre", but no, we're definitely in soggy, strike-struck France. Anyway, the sun has finally returned, making all the colours brighters, but vibrant green is certainly the most dominant.

I've now put the crochet hook aside for the time being, as I'm trying to get my head around learning.... the Code de la Route. This is proving to be far more difficult than I ever even imagined possible. I think that I have sufficiently nailed how to row a boat and crochet a blanket, but this third mission for the year is one big hurdle I can't just leap over. And I won't even mention the actual driving lessons!

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