Friday, March 11, 2016

Daffodil Gold...

The clump of daffodils that I espied at the top of an embankment during the daily tram ride to work this week reminded me of the famous line "There's gold in them thar hills". I'm not sure if this is actually a quote dating back to the Californian Gold Rush years, or is simply a saying refering to the need to glean any benefit from whatever life throws your way; good and bad. Either way, as this is never my favourite week of the year, I decided to follow the golden trail and duly raced out of work one lunch time, scrambled along the (very muddy) slope to get to the beautiful flowers in question. Just after I'd reached the daffodils, the wind started to build up and it promptly started to rain, so I arrived back looking the worse for wear, but feeling great!

Went back again - blues skies, but clouds in my mind... Oh well!

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