Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Serenity for the New Year...

Virgin from a local French museum
New Year arrived, but I wasn't there to greet it... I had ended up in bed with mild flu symptoms late in the afternoon! However, this did enable me to travel through the centuries on an overdose on period drama, costume drama and kitchen-sink drama, all from my bed, courtesy of YouTube - it was great!

I did have time to ponder over the last, now past, year and wonder what 2013 might bring.. Actually, there would be a large number of things that I would like to 'order' for the New Year, as an alternative Christmas wish list, but I suppose the best things to have would be serenity and time.
If you have serenity, you can face adversity with relative calm and better appreciate the fine moments of life too. Time to do other things than the obligatory would lead to greater serenity, which in turn would mean less time spent fussing and fretting over the adverse and obligatory in life...

Here is Schubert's Serenade, which certainly helps you approach a state of serenity.

                                                       Happy New Year 2013!

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