Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Finished Hexagon Multifiori Crochet!

When I finished my previous crochet project - a second multiple-hexagon 'multifiori' wallhanging - I felt a certain amount of pride and relief, after over a year's work. However those feelings were somewhat short-lived and soon gave way to the impression of being at a loss! The absence of crochet paraphernalia scattered around left me feeling rather empty and unanchored. Spare moments were no longer caught up in countless scraps of yarn that held me together, a spidery safety net of sanity that kept me grounded whatever the circumstances or surroundings.
All ties were now cut - severed, for better and for worse! Although suddenly freed of straying yarn and woolly fibres, cleared of countless balls of wool, all stashed away in strategic points, my home environment appeared rather sterile, albeit 'tidy'. It was also a little less welcoming to a certain someone who simply loves lounging on, in and around any kind of woollen project, whatever its stage of development...
After a few days at drift, I decided to embark on another project, vowing to merely finish off the spare wool, as a logical measure. Needless to say, I was hooked again. Yet two years down the line, I have finally finished this vast wallhanging. Being larger than a double-bed cover, it is of a considerable weight, even without sleeping cats! Of course, I do now have another collection of excess wool, so I'll see how long it takes before I start this whole process again, like some crazy spider!

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