Monday, August 31, 2020

Blogger Blues...

Blogger seems to have undergone some major updating recently and I just cannot get used to any of the supposedly improved functions that seem to have wiped out most of the handy old ones. As I am not tech-savvy, this is quite a nightmare and I dread what is to come. It has made me feel quite sad really - it is almost as if the old Blogger was being overhauled to make room for something more along the lines of other trendier social media - bite-sized text and a handful of photos, all to be uploaded and consumed at speed before moving onto the next thing in a sequence of clicks. Still, this is an excuse to show these beautiful blue flowers, currently growing along the tram lines!


  1. toutes mes condoléances mais c' est le destin des vieilles choses de disparaitre ou d' être "améliorées". Ayant déjà apprécier vos compétences, je ne doute pas que vous trouverez le moyen de continuer à nous réjouir,nous anonymes lecteurs, par la beauté et la poésie de vos blogs.Portez vous bien. G.

  2. excusez moi. J'ai écrit "apprécier" pour "apprécié";

  3. Tout ceci va à une telle vitesse en ce moment....
    Merci de votre commentaire!


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