Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Thieving Magpie...

Deyrolle window display - Paris
The chattering goldfinches have not yet appeared in the streets below, and I never do manage to see any magpies from my window but I did steal a photo of this feathered beauty a number of weeks ago from the window display of Deyrolle, Paris.

Deyrolle window display - Paris
Photography is banned inside this incredible shop, but maybe tolerated from outside... The combination of jet-black magpie feathers with their midnight-blue reflections and the dazzling iridescence of the Blue Morpho wings drove to my act of felony...

Thieving Magpies in various forms made me think of Marillion's album and got me listening to the music I loved back then. Who stole all of those years? Actually, I only initially got into Marillion because of some boyfriend who stole (and broke) my heart  - or so I thought at the time - but at least he left me with a parting gift which has endured the passage of time. I felt he had killed me off back then, but no... And the music lives on some 36 years after his crime! I used to play this track very loud, thinking about him.... Assassing. 
               Never saw the ex again!  Years later I did get to see Marillion in concert though. Great!

And just as an after-thought for the strange Easter we have just had, here is Marillion again - singing Easter.


  1. A charmer who looked like a raffish version of Peter Gabriel, had the tongue of a weasel coupled with minimal sense of decency..... and revoltingly gnawed down fingeranils, as I remember. Those nails must surely have been a clue but I chose to ingore that at the time. He probably went far in life! Still, he did introduce me to Marillion so I have to be grateful for that and for opening my eyes up to my own naivety!


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