Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Anemone Petals...

End of a month of being very busy doing nothing particularly inspiring.

However, the sight of these beautiful buds and pollen-dusted petals made me feel more appreciative of life in general.

The light on the petals, alongside the striking, dark tasselled stamens is magical every time.

It is somehow hard to believe that these papery petals will develop and unfold from such mysterious, downy forms.


  1. Nature in general always manages to lift my spirits if I am a bit down. It's like looking at my cats, I never get fed up with it.

  2. Yes, I can 100% agree with you on both points - a source of joy, wonder, inspiration, consolation... even if the furry friends have a fiendish tendency to demand food and fuss at inhumane moments during the very early morning! xx


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