Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A is for......

Have yet to buy a car - but here's the sticker!!!

A is for... aardvark, Acrocanthosaurus, African elephant, African penguin, African wild cat, African wild dog, agouti, Airedale terrier, Alamosaurus, alligator, Allosaurus, alpaca, amoeba, amphibian, anaconda, angelfish, Ankylosaurus, ant, anteater, antelope, Apatosaurus, ape, arachnid, Archelon, Arctic hare, Arctic wolf, armadillo, assassin bug, Avimimus, aye-aye…….and the list goes on...

And A is also for another species - the apprenti conducteur or young (!!!) driver who has passed the driving test, but will maintain learner status for the following three years.

It is said that you should probably envisage as many lessons as the years in your life when learning to drive…. Let’s just say that I must be planning to be around for some time yet – but with wheels!

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  1. Félicitations! D'un admirateur qui vous admire depuis longtemps!


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