Sunday, March 15, 2015

Deux Vieilles Chouettes à Paris!

Having spent the day in Paris with an old friend to celebrate our respective landmark birthdays, I am exhausted! We just wandered around the city, along the grands boulevards and the Seine, past monuments, parks and squares and amongst the crowds, chattering away like two seasoned magpies. Nothing new there then, at least!

We talked so much that I hardly took any notice of the surroundings today, but the details of these two incredible façades caught my attention. It seemed quite fitting that they both had bird features (and a bat)...

We ended up on the top floor of a glass-and-metal building (L'Institut du Monde Arabe) and tried to take a photo via the very reflective ceiling. If the result ended up blurred, it was nothing compared to the others we had taken via other people!

Tonight my neck hurts from being crooked up, looking at buildings and... that shiny ceiling.

And finally, the view from the terrace at the Institut du Monde Arabe...

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