Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Siberian Cat in Summer...

Hаправо - To the right!
When the temperatures are soaring, as they are here as elsewhere, it's just too hot to hunt when you are a Very Furry Feline... But it is a good idea to keep your techniques up to scratch!

Налево - To the left!

As a Siberian, Krasnogorsk (okay, just plain 'Oggie' now) might miss his ancestral hunting grounds in the taiga... or maybe not.  Unfortunately he is now a house (-bound) cat, but he does make up for this by stalking whatever passes his way.

Cмирно - Attention! Eyes to the front!

That generally means passing insects.  However, Oggie likes to practice his skills, so when it appears he might just be relaxing, in fact he's ready to spring into action.

Строевым шагом - Parade!

This time, the prey in question was the camera strap. Nevermind - always good to sharpen those teeth... Might be a bit too tiring to get the claws out unnecessarily, mind you.

My Russian drill commands didn't stretch any further...

In fact, the practice sometimes proves to be just too much. After all the exertions of a busy sunny day, just like any other hunter, Oggie needs to put his feet up...

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